Oh some tights!

I love my tights in winter and have been inspired by Carolyns’ many version, but so far had not got around to making my own.

Then I started to see the Rose Hips Tights by Seamster Patterns and just had to give them a go, especially after seeing Elaine’s Rose Hip Tights

I purchased the PDF pattern and had it printed at Kwik.Kopy at Bondi Junction on their big printer, just 1 x A0 page!

Here is the first pair I made to test the fit.

Fabric is my brown Mercury Jersey

Size XS which was my hip measurement.

I wasn’t sure how the foot piece would go as my foot is 9 /12 ” which is 1/2″ longer than that for the XS size, but after wearing them a few times they feel fine.

For the gusset I used a piece of the leftover Stella Cotton Elastomeric from my active wear wardrobe.

For this pair and future versions I will reduce the body length, by the amount of the waistband, as the ones pictured above are very “harry high pants” but I have now cut off the waistband, removed 3cm and sewn the waistband back on, much more comfortable to wear.

This is the pair that I have been busting to sew, I even went back to Cabramatta to get some more of the fabric especially for the tights!

As I pointed out here, this fabric has a lot less stretch than the brown Mercury Jersey I used for the pair above and when I tried them on, oh my there was no way I could wear them as the length was too short in the legs.

So of course back to the cutting table where I added a 10cm band of fabric.

I chose the position of the band based on my skirt lengths, so it is only if I lift up my skirt that you can see the band.

The other thing that I really like about making my own tights is that you can add a control top.  This was achieved by making the tights low rise and then use the waistband pattern to cut out the width of the power mesh and sew it on.

These are quite quick to sew, just make sure you have all your notches and dots marked, it makes the going a lot easier!

Now this for the ladies from my Sewing Guild group as they had seen both pieces at our last meeting and strongly suggested this photo.

I will not be wearing this out of the yard ever!

2015 Stash Out: 5.05m
2015 Stash In: 16.5m

21 thoughts on “Oh some tights!

  1. Hello! I was sent over to visit after making some leggings & a matching top & not modelling them together. I see I really missed a trick – your last shot is hillarious! And your leggings are lovely too 🙂


  2. These will be great for the winter, how fun to be able to make any colour or print you want. The last photo is hilarious, you are quite brave to even take that in your back yard!


  3. OMG what a laugh. Love that supersewist outfit! Thanks so much for the pic. I am LMHO. They are great tights though with your brown skirt and boots. Love them. Brown ones are nice too.


  4. Love the tights, thanks for the mention. Elaine of the rosehip tight fame;-)You can easily go up a foot size only on these tights. I did for my sisters pair. She has a size 13 foot!


  5. Love the last photo!! I need tights for the winter so I can wear some of the skirts I have made, but never even considered making my own. Yours are great and the power mesh control top is a brilliant idea.


  6. I LOVE the last picture. You tiger, you. =)I had this pattern on my mind (and as a tab on my browser) for a while. Your review and funky new tights have convinced me to buy it! I really like the idea of adding a control top as well! Thank you for sharing!


  7. Keen making your own tights! I love wearing tights (for the warmth factor) but feel really self conscious if they are even slightly \”look at me\”. So lots of unworn bright colours in my draws. Yet they look great on you.


  8. how neat is that! I would of never thougth of making my own tights, my first thought was you mde leggins & calling them tights but you really made tights lol! yea for you!Helen


  9. Your tights are so much fun and that last photo of the matching top and tights is a hoot! I like the idea of customised fit and the power net is very clever too. These are wonderful.


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