Japanese Knot Bag and November Stashbusting

I follow Sue from Fadanista and this month she hosted a sewalong for her Japanese Knot Bag.

This bag has appealed to me from the start and I was very happy to sign up for the sewalong.

For my bag I used some home dec fabric which I had purchased from Spotlight back in 2009 for a jacket in my SWAP plans but it never happened and now the fabric stood out for the perfect evening bag.

I reduced the bag pattern by removing 2.5cm (1″) around the bag as I wanted a small bag for date nights.

For the main fabric I used some black SheerWeft to stabilise it.  The lining is a fat quarter of quilting cotton that was in my stash and I reduced the lining pattern by a scant 3mm (1/8″) so that the seams would roll to the inside.

One of the things that I am quite obsessed with is pressing, so even with this bag the pressing happened.  This is where my silicone mitt comes in very handy.  It looks like the one below.

This lets me put my hand inside the bag and use the edges of the mitt to press the seams open.

This is version 1.

Here is the finished bag and the goodies that I carried it in.  Hubby even managed to get his wallet in there as well.

The lining

Oops no pattern alignment!

and finally how it went out last night.

and I can’t believe I have managed to complete a piece in time for the Stashbusting Sewalong 🙂

2015 Stash Out: 13.95 m
 2015 Stash In: 18 m

9 thoughts on “Japanese Knot Bag and November Stashbusting

  1. It's a very cute bag and your post is perfectly timed for making some as Christmas gifts (it may not actually happen, but it's a nice idea). I know you are petite, but if you originally purchased the fabric for a jacket there must still be quite a bit left…??


  2. Your bag is beautiful. I, too, signed up for the sew along but life got in the way. I plan on taping the pattern together in a day or too and then cut out a bag when I return home next week.Marcia


  3. Your bag is lovely! Of course I just had to pop over and download it. When it will get made up is another story. The handles remind me of a shoe bag that I made multiples of some years ago.


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