Winter Cardigan

During my trip back home from Tamworth back in May last year, at one of our stops I managed to loose my Merino cardigan that I had made back in 2011.

This was a great piece that could be worn open or wrapped around me to add an extra layer when it was necessary.

So the next time the Fabric Store had a sale, I was there to purchase enough Merino wool to specifically make another cardigan.

It then took me to January this year to finally get around to making it for our trip overseas.

I again cut the front drape halfway between the short and long versions but what I didn’t take into account was the different drape of the merino wool.

Short sleeves aren’t a good look under the cardigan.

The drape was not quite as long, so I couldn’t flip it over my shoulder and the sleeves were rather snug.

Thankfully the back covered my hips which was good.

So I added 3 small metal buttons to the upper chest on the left hand side

and sewed a thread chain about halfway along the other drape

so I could create another layer

that looks like this.  The side of the drape with the buttons on it is tucked into the back waistband of my skirt.

Even though the sleeves are snug and this is quite obvious with a short sleeved top underneath, when I wore it with long sleeves there are no other lines on the sleeves.

This was worn nearly every day I was away, it works with all of my tops and provided the extra layer I needed.

2016 Stash Out: 5.3 m
2016 Stash In:  15 m

10 thoughts on “Winter Cardigan

  1. How annoying to lose such a useful wardrobe piece, but good on you for making another one. Always interesting how different fabrics can behave so differently!


  2. I'm sorry you lost your old cardigan, it's awful to lose something handmade and so useful! but it looks like you've done a terrific job with this new one. I like the buttons and loop closure; a nice variation on how to wear it if you feel like something different than having it hang loose 🙂


  3. I had no clue you'd lost the other cardi. 😦 I always make the sleeves on this a little bigger as in my experience, they are snug. You must've been lucky with the previous version. 🙂


  4. What a pity about the loss of the old one. Still, these things happen. I like your new version with the chain – very on trend looking. No doubt there is scope to try again with another knit one day until you hit the jackpot again.


  5. Such a shame you lost your lovely cardi. I always admired it. Your new one looks good though and it was a clever idea to add the buttons and the loop to give you some coverage over the chest when it's chilly.


  6. What a clever idea with the buttons. It is such a shame that the sleeves are so tight, but glad that you've been able to get a lot of wear out of it already. Do you have any fabric left? Maybe you could open up the seam of the sleeves and the side seam and add another strip of fabric? Bit fiddly, but wouldn't be so tight!


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