Spinach necklace

I have been reviewing my jewellery compared to my garments and realised that I didn’t have a long green necklace.

So during the long weekend I spent some time beading, again using one of the Jesse James Beads bead strands that I have purchased from Spotlight.

This bead strand is called “Spinach 1” and I forgot to take a photo but this is what the current “Spinach 1” looks like at JesseJamesBeads.com

I decided to try my hand again at Byzantine chains which I haven’t done since April 2012.

The good thing is that this necklace will work with all lot of garments in my wardrobe.

When I purchased the “Spinach 1” bead set I also purchased a pack of the same Inspiration Mix,

which included among them the two brown beads I used for the earrings.

There are a couple more necklaces I need for my wardrobe so now I need to find some more time to bead.

9 thoughts on “Spinach necklace

  1. Interesting pieces. I will never attempt jewellery making having seen two sewing friends sucked into the jewellery making vortex. One has her own kiln and a stall at Rocks Market now!


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