DK-93 Manual Snap Press

Back in March I mentioned that I had received the DK-93 Manual Snap Press for Christmas after reading Lena’s blog.

Here is it set up on the workbench in the garage ready to be used,

and here are the dies I have acquired to use with it:

From GreenBeans Australia

*  DK-93 Size 20 Die Set, this is for the plastic snaps that GreenBeans Australia supplies.

*  10.5mm Nickel Ring Snap

*  12.0mm Nickel Ring snap

Then I ordered from Minkus Margo the following dies:

*  Hole Punch die mold

*  Jeans Button die

* 9mm Double Cap Rivet and 9.5mm Nipple Rivet

Then last month I got the chance to use my DK-93 press for a special birthday Henley I was making for my BIL.

I wanted to add some snaps to the placket and used the Snap Source Size 16 Smoke Open Prong Ring snap fasteners with the the DK-93 press and the Nickel 10.5mm Ring Snap.

Luckily I had found a great article in Sandra Betzina’s Power Sewing ToolBox Volume 1 on page 107 on how to get “Snap Success”.  Now this is for the Snap Source snap-setting tool however the same principles apply to my application.

I tried a few test samples first and soon realised that standing on the ground next to the DK-93 press wasn’t giving me a snap that that I couldn’t get my fingernail underneath.

So I searched the web and found that you need to put your whole weight on the arm of the DK-93 press, so I set up a small step ladder and found this set up gave me the perfect snap.

To mark where I wanted the male snaps to be placed I used a green Frixon pen, and then used a prong to mark the spot.

Then to line up the corresponding side of the snap, I rubbed some chalk on the socket and pressed it down onto the opposite side.

and the finished placket.

Now I need to decide if it will be a pair of jeans or a jeans style skirt next to test out some of the other dies.

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