Cream top and other news

When I showed you my Skewed Cowl top, I mentioned that I had made 2 other tops prior to this one during our weekend away.

This is the first top that I had partly made but needed some fitting help with.

Now I’m not too sure why it has taken me quite so long to replace my cream knit top I made back in 2014 as this top is proving invaluable in my current winter wardrobe.

Again I have used KS 3740 with a further two adjustments:

  • a centre back seam to try and remove some of the excess fabric in the middle of my back, sometimes I think it works others not so sure.
  • forward shoulder adjustment that I have been doing to my TNT woven blouse pattern.

I did use my Coverstitch binder for the neck band.

Twisted sleeve – what now!

Now you may have noticed my accessory on my right hand, it is an Exos splint to keep my wrist and thumb still as I have de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis which is a result of all the fine handsewing I did back in February.  This has only been on for 2 weeks (I do remove it 4 times a day to do exercises and shower) but I’m not sure how much longer it will take to reduce the inflammation.

So not much sewing, knitting or jewellery making is happening here at the moment but I do have a few more blog posts to catch up on.

On a much brighter note, please meet Tomba who joined our family at 11 weeks of age and is now 19 weeks old.  We are off to his 2nd dog obedience class tomorrow.

Our household was just too quite after Roscoe left us and Tomba (who will be a very similar size to Roscoe) is making our life very interesting.

2017 Stash Out: 7.6 m
2017 Stash In: 4 m

10 thoughts on “Cream top and other news

  1. It's great to have a top pattern like this that you can turn to and know it will look great, as this one does. And hello Tomba, he is so cute and I look forward to seeing lots of him in your future posts.


  2. A very versatile basic that every wardrobe needs, and nicely fitted too. Hope your wrist heals soon and you can get back to sewing. In the meantime, enjoy playing with your new puppy. I'm sure he will bring much joy to your lives.


  3. Oh dear, you poor thing! Hope it is feeling better soon. Perhaps patting of the dog will send healing your way 🙂 Nice top too. Cream is so versatile. I need a few more in my life.


  4. Sharon, I love your tights! I'm sorry your wrist is being troublesome – you are doing the right thing in allowing it time to heal. Once things get better, it will still be good to splint from time to time. Lovely top, and a big warm welcome to your new puppy.


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