Delicate Nothings

One of the classes I attended at the Australian Sewing Guild Convention in Melbourne last year was a class with Tatyana Anderson, called Silk Camisoles that was a 1/2 day course.

Thankfully Tatyana and her staff had cut out our silk and stablised it so we could get started on the placement of our lace straight away.

At the end of the 1/2 day I did have my lace sewn in place, the side seams french seamed and the elastic pinned in place along one edge of the front armhole.

During a couple of ASG group meetings I worked on this to finish the elastic and also to hand roll the hem,

as I couldn’t get a nice finish by machine and then finished the straps.

This is where it was up to when I found out that Tatyana was holding a 2 day workshop in Sydney.  I jumped at the chance to do this, as we hadn’t really dealt with the initial preparation and cutting out of the silk and this is skill I want to work more on.

During the workshop Tatyana pinned my cream straps in place and I was able to sew these in place during the class as well.

Surprisingly to my fellow attendees I had chosen a black silk with a black and gold lace kit.

We set about laying out our pattern pieces on the silk and cutting it out before we started playing with the lace placement.

Seeing I had made a “v” neck for the cream camisole, Tatyana suggested I make this one a round neck which worked perfectly with my lace.

French seams are used and this time I was successful in getting a lovely machine rolled hem.

I was very pleased to get this finished within the 2 days of the workshop.


12 thoughts on “Delicate Nothings

  1. Sharon,That makes total sense, thanks for sharing that. I think I finally understand what you mean about the machine rolled hem .. believe it’s also called a baby hem or something like that.. I was thinking that it duplicates hand rolled hem with slant stitches but by machine. 🙂 Lol Thanks for clarifying!


  2. Hi Kay, I hope you read this.The machine rolled hem is the one that you stitch, trim, fold, stitch again, I finally got it to work with the black silk.For the straps they are but on the bias as well. I cut mine wider, sorry I don't have my notes on me, and then trimmed. I also have a set of Fastturn tools that the smallest one was perfect for the straps and then I took them to the ironing board, pinned one and and stretch them with the iron.I hope that makes sense.


  3. This is fantastic! The camis are so beautiful! Now, you can have a whole cami section for your wardrobe and also a silk section! Can you share any tips on the machine rolled hem and also how you made the straps? Did you have to add anything in for reinforcement so it doesn’t stretch out? Curious minds want to know. 🙂


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