When the cat’s away …

I’ve been working some incredible hours over the past month, so today, as the boss was heading to the airport to fly overseas for 5 days, I took the opportunity to have a massage and then go to The Fabric Store as they had a 30% off Sale for today only.

This is one of my favourite fabric shops in Sydney and there is always something there to tempt me.

Whilst wandering around I heard a “Sharon” and turned around and Sandra (who was also signed up for the “Go Chanel Go Home Sewalong”) introdued herself. We had been emailing each other about our Chanel jackets as we had both purchased the exact same fabric for our jackets at The Fabric Store. Needless to say Sandra’s Chanel jacket is a lot further progessed than mine.

It was so nice to meet up with someone that you have blogged/emailed with and the fact that we fell right into chatting about fabric and what we were going to do, was such a treat and reinforces even more to me that the friendships that are created in the internet world are wonderful.

Now do you want to guess what colour I purchased?

This is a Japanese cotton that I plan to make a top out off and it will go brilliantly with the burgundy wool pants I made in August. I also have enough of the burgundy wool fabric left over for a skirt.

Yes, you guessed right, here is the brown linen and I couldn’t pass up this cream linen either.

I’ve seen a Chanel Inspired jacket and I am really keen to try and get the same sort of look. I ended up with what was left on the roll of the brown linen 4.5m (paid for 4.3) and 1.5 metres of the cream linen.

The plan for the linen is the Jacket (cream with a brown band or brown with a cream band), a simple sleeveless shift dress, pants and a skirt and with careful cutting out maybe a sleeveless shell top.

Now I’m not saying when this will be done, however I am in desparate need of summer clothes so I had better get back to finishing the LBD.

7 thoughts on “When the cat’s away …

  1. Anonymous

    This is nothing to do with your post, nevertheless…just returned home from Lincraft with a portable iron board 🙂 Sadly no fabric, I wasn't convinced of their fabric holdings. The ironing board has been stashed in DH's study. Thanks for emailing the flyer – Cat1 (catherine)


  2. Hi Sharon, it was lovely to meet at last, and so fitting that it was in The Fabric Store! The linen you chose for the Chanel inspired outfit will look very special made up.


  3. Yummy fabrics! I agree with you about the friendships made via the internet/blogging etc, I have yet to meet up with any of my virtual friends but hope to one day 🙂 Sounds like a great plan for those linens.


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