Cheeky Cross Stitch

One of my other passions is Cross Stitch, however I don’t get a lot of time to do this.

I have had my eye on this Dolly Mamas pattern for quite some time as it is my DDS all over. I finally bit the bullet and stitched it for her for her birthday this year.

My local framer did a fantastic job of framing it for me. He used the hot pink in her skirt as the first mat and then black as the larger one with a black frame. Unfortunately the photos that I took had too much reflection and I had to get it in the post to reach DDS for her birthday.

I got a very excited phone call the day of her birthday to say that she loved it and it was so correct, then I had to admit it was supposed to be for last year’s birthday LOL.

4 thoughts on “Cheeky Cross Stitch

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, this is DDS or in other words Lee-Anne. I have my beautifully stitched cheeky cross stitch in my sewing room and it makes me smile every day when I see it. Thank you Sharon for doing a fantastic job, picking a design that suits me so well, plus stitching it and choosing colours that make it mine. Your work is always beautiful. Thank you so very much. LU Lee-Anne


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