Fitting Weekend

I’m back home after a fantastic 3 day weekend having patterns fitted by Alison, “The Sewing Lady” in Brisbane.

This was my birthday present from DS, a full day of fitting on the Saturday with Alison and then a general sewing/fine tune fitting on Monday morning.

This is how it worked, there were 3 attendees for the fitting day which included both DS and I (this was all day Saturday, a maximum of 4 attendees for these days and they get booked out well in advance) and I managed to get 3 patterns fitted:

Simplicity dress 2648, View A with sleeves.

Marfy blouse 2254 and Marfy skirt 2253 (the free patterns included in the Marfy 2010/11 Annual).

Sunday was sewing at DS’s home in the morning and then we met Alison at Sckafs, Indooroopilly to learn about what to look for when choosing fabrics, trims, interfacings, etc which gave me quite a few light bulb moments.

Monday was back at Alison’s for the morning session of general sewing with 4 attendees (maximum of 8) so we tweaked the dress, sorted out the blouse and the skirt is underway. I’ve still got a long way to go on the dress and skirt, but the blouse is closer to finishing so you will probably see it soon.

The reason so much was achieved was I had all the patterns with my normal adjustments done, taped and pinned together when we arrived on Saturday. Luckily only 2 people (me being one) were having patterns fitted that day which was fantastic. Alison fitted the paper patterns on me and I made the additional changes to the paper patterns, then DS (my birthday slave) cut out my fabric, pinned up the fabric toile for the next fit and then she got into the actual sewing of the garments, this was at the classes and at her home. I also managed to contribute to the sewing on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

This was a fantastic birthday present and one I will remember each time I wear one of the above garments.

I will share more information on each of the patterns as they are completed so until next time …

13 thoughts on “Fitting Weekend

  1. I love this dress and it looks wonderful on its own or with your Chanel-style jacket. I found two Chanel-style jackets at the thrift shop yesterday for under $6.00 USD each, plus I had a 25% off coupon. Both are Jones of New York. One does not fit, my favorite of course, in a tweed in shades of blues and greens. The other is a soft pink and cream tightly woven tweed edged in a soft, light tan suede \\. That one fits but I am going to see if the tailor will nip in the sides for me so it is not so boxy. (I hate alterations and would rather start all over). I am hoping to make this dress up to go with each of them.


  2. Anonymous

    Simplicity 2648. I know that pattern. Why did I chose it to be the fifth thing I sewed for myself? I have nearly finished my own version of view C, after abandoning the project for 2 months (facings and beginners are a bad idea). It is an awesome dress, but next time I do it I'll wait until I have a clue about sewing.


  3. Anonymous

    Just a quick note to say the weekend was enhanced as Terry cooked for us all weekend. What more could you ask for good company, good food, willing sewers and a great sewing instructor. I too enjoyed had a good time.Cheers Lee-Anne


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