New Sewing Table

Look what my gorgeous Husband made for me for Xmas.

I had the design in my mind, however DH did the measuring, drawing, cutting, estapolling and construction and I am one very happy sewer.

We purchased the two Condo Pedestals from Officeworks and as you can see they fit snugly underneath the table when I need to pack up the sewing room for guests.

These drawers hold a large amount of sewing goodies.

There is also a leaf that can be raised on the side that fits under the window for more space to spread out or even have a machine on it so I can, if I want to, have all 3 machines set up ready to sew (which can be the case when sewing knits).

For me this is a much better use of space and a lot more storage than my original set up.

Now to test it out and get some sewing done.

18 thoughts on “New Sewing Table

  1. Oh Sharon, this is superb. I am using a sofa table that is too high and makes it hard to see the bed of the machine, even with a Tilt'able. Would hubby be willing to share dimensions with someone in the US? I am particularly interested in height from floor to working surface. Thanks.


  2. Your new sewing table is fantastic! I love things that tuck away neatly and allow the space to be multipurpose! Kudos to you for the design and your husband for the execution.


  3. Oh, he's a keeper!! Any man that can sew a great sewing table like that could commit a multitude of sin and still be worth keeping :)How lucky you are to have all machines so cleverly organised, and all in time for summer holidays sewing.


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