Vogue 8572 – Versatile pattern

I did manage to get some sewing done earlier this year (not just the UFO skirt and pants fitting session) however the time to tell you about it just wasn’t available.

I made another version of Vogue 8572 (OOP). I first made it here with long sleeves and then here with 3/4 sleeves and this time with short sleeves.

This time the fabric is the chartreuse crinkled fabric that is at the bottom of the bundle that I purchased from Kerryn’s Fabric World in July of last year.

For some reason I thought chartreuse and burnt orange (above the patterned knit) zips would be everywhere, so I didn’t think about getting them when I was at Kerryn’s.

After checking out the many fabric shops in Sydney and having no luck, I remembered the comment the lovely ladies at The Cloth Shop said when we visited them in March 2009, “we can get you any coloured invisible zip you want”.

So I cut a swatch of the both fabrics and posted them to The Cloth Shop. This is what I received back from Kim.


Burnt Orange

The fabric was interesting to work with as you do your best not to take out any of the crinkles when laying out the pattern, pressing and sewing. The advantage of the made garment is that you scrunch it up and put in in a panty hose leg to wash, dry and then I just press the small facing I have at the neckline and I’m all set to wear it another day.



This top has been fun to wear during summer and I can now wear it with a number of jackets and cardigans to take me through autumn and winter.

(PS: The large piece of fabric on the top of the bundles was the linen for my Shirtmaker.)

13 thoughts on “Vogue 8572 – Versatile pattern

  1. That is so elegant. Just beautiful. I changed to stashing zippers in neutral colors (black, white, tan, navy blue) and making do. It's nearly impossible to color match without buying online and paying large shipping costs. Besides, when you use an invisible zip, a tab cover or substitute makes it all OK. You are so lucky to have someplace close that will perform matching service for you.


  2. Sharon, that's such a unique top because it lets the fabric do all the talking. I love that color on you–it's a color that doesn't appeal to many, but I have several pieces of it in my wardrobe as well, so that's how I know. It must have been fun to sew a tricky fabric like this. And how lucky that you can get custom-dyed zippers. You did superb job.


  3. I love your top! It sounds very easy to take care of. Finding zippers to match can be quite frustrating. I wonder if any mail order places offer a swatch card of the zipper colors? Our local sewing store has such a very limited color selection, too.


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