Holiday Sewing

For my trip to the USA, I needed to organise a few extra layers as the temperatures where going to be around 6 degree Celsius, little did we know that we were going to be snowed on 🙂

First up was to change the neckline on 2 purchased thermal tops that I have for skiing (I still have a couple crew necks left).

With the assistance of my sewing buddies, I put on the thermal and then this top that I was going to take away and they then drew around the neckline with a chalk pen. I also checked that this neckline would work with my cross over top as well.

When I took the thermal off, I rounded off the chalk neckline and cut out the excess fabric, and then used fold over elastic to finish of the necklines. I also took the sleeves up as the original length was far too long for my tops.

The thermals worked a treat as they were worn just about every day we were away.

The next item was another Simplicity 2603 cardi and top with long sleeves.

This time I made the set up in a chocolate brown Merino Wool from The Fabric Store and cut the cardi front drape halfway between the short and long versions.

This length enabled me to take one of the fronts and tuck in into the back waistband of either my jeans or skirt

and then flick the other front side up over my shoulder.

giving me an extra layer across my upper body when the temperatures were very low.

Here is the top by itself and Roscoe being directed to stay out of the picture 🙂

The cardi went with all my tops and was worn every day. The merino wool washed and dried very well

Now to continue with my winter sewing.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Sewing

  1. Sharon – I deleted my previous comments because I queried what you'd used to finish the neckline. When I re-read you had said FOE so I had my question answered. 🙂 I really love your chocolate brown outfit – it looks very warm and toasty.


  2. Clever thinking, the thermal will be much more versatile for layering now. The brown marino cardi set looks warm and stylish. For the top did you add the long sleeves from the cardi to the sleeveless top in the same pattern?


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