Is shattered too strong a word …

I reached into my closest pulled out my skirt and put it on, then again for my blouse, did up the buttons and then bent over to get my shoes, oh no (the polite version), over to the mirror and this is what I saw.

I’m at a loss as to what happened.

This blouse has been toiled, and had a test fitting again before I cut out the silk where we did some minor adjustments to the sleeve depth, that is all. After I put in the sleeves it did feel a bit snug, but then the blouse I am wearing today, feels the same. I even checked the centre back seam and armholes to see if any of the stitching is strained, but I can’t see any.

DH’s comment was that I could make another, true but no more silk in the stash so do you think that he has given me permission to purchase some, sounds like it to me.

So this is what I wore to work instead:

Blouse: Marfy 2254 (blogged here)
Skirt: Self Drafted Skirt in brown linen, interlined (to help stop the wrinkles) and lined in Sun Silky
Jacket: Purchased Chanel style jacket in brown, tan and lemon tweed
Shoes: Diana Ferrari

We are heading south for the long weekend and I’m not sure I will have Internet connection so you may not see me until Tuesday.

Have a great long weekend (sorry WA but enjoy your weekend as well) and be safe on the roads.

12 thoughts on “Is shattered too strong a word …

  1. Anonymous

    Oooouuch!!! The only thing I can think of is the thread you used – was it polyester?? If so, it would be stronger that the actual fabric, so it would hold while the fabric tore. Time for a lace insert?? elleR


  2. I'd be devestated, too! You don't need permission to buy fabric – go on girl, we will all cheer you on. I love the outfit you wore today. Hope you're warm enough – it was 6 degrees this morning when I left for work!!


  3. Shattered is not too strong! I know how much work went into this blouse and the fabric was so special. Don't do anything rash, maybe it can saved, perhaps neatly patched and worn as a layer. heads up for the buying more silk option too 🙂


  4. Isn't that the silk you bought in China? I am weeping (or muttering) with you.Definitely some lovely new fabric is needed to console you for such a terrible accident.


  5. oh Sharon, such a lovely fabric, I am so sorry! Maybe this fabric had a stiffer weave and doesn't have as much \”give\” as other fabrics? If that were mine, I might layer it over a camisole.Of course, buying more silk makes perfect sense, too ;)Your outfit today is beautiful!


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