All but last

Today I had to dig deep and this outfit you have seen most of it before however I have managed to get my “desk view” different.

Jumper/Sweater: Purchased from Country Road in Oyster colour which you saw on Day 8.
Skirt: McCall’s 7244 in a grey wool flannel made in 2007 you saw on Day 6 and 20.
Vest: Purchased purple sleeveless vest
Jacket: Me-Made knitted Shawl Collar Jacket in Touch Possum Yarn which you saw on Day 16, 22 and 25.
Accessory: Purchased silver/gold/pearl necklace
Boots: Nine West

Now I’m off to bed, it has been a big day.

2 thoughts on “All but last

  1. Your idea for making the \”desk view\” is very novel and I think quite appropriate. I rather like your professional looks. Wish more women would put as much care and thought into their appearance as you have evidently done.


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