The end of Me Made June

Today is the last day I will be taking a daily photo of what I am wearing, well maybe not, as I have found it very interesting to see the variety of garments I have and find the photographic records works very well for me, however I won’t subject you to any more, well at least not until September.

The pieces in my outfit today you have seen before and I was surprised by just tying the ties into a bow and putting the top with a suit, how different it looks.

(mmm maybe we should have taken more than 1 photo)

Top: Jalie 2921 in brown/coffee circle knit which you saw on Day 4.
Skirt: Vogue 7937 in dark brown wool crepe which you say on Day 10.
Jacket: McCall’s 3750 in the same dark brown wool crepe made in 2003 again on Day 10.
Boots: Nine West

I plan on doing a wrap up early next week.

4 thoughts on “The end of Me Made June

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed looking at all your MMJ pictures. The \”dress code” whether company policy or your own preference, for your job is similar to mine. I got lots of ideas and pattern numbers from your posts. Because you looked very polished and professional wearing knit jackets/cardigans, I plan to add some to my wardrobe as an alternative to the tailored jackets I normally wear. I won't do this for a couple months though. I always felt a bit hot looking at you in your winter outfits, while sitting here in the high temps. and humidity of our summer weather. But when it starts to cool down…..


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