Presenting SWAP Item No. 7


I live in shorts in the summer around the house and dog walking and the shorts I do have need replacing but with my sway back I do not find this easy to do with RTW.

At Christmas my DDS wanted to give me a gift of the Sure Fit pants pattern,but first she needed to take my measurements. So in January I received a pants pattern and a pair of pants (excluding the waistband) made up in this very loud fabric.

At the Angie fitting weekend where I sorted out the Minoru Jacket, Angie also tweaked this pants pattern.

  • reduced the waist height by 2.5cm (1″).
  •  centre back gaposis (you can see the excess above) 1.5cm (6/8″) back to nothing 9cm (3 1/2″) below. 

  • added 1cm to the back crotch length. 

  •  and dropped the back crotch curve by 5mm.
  • added extra width to the centre front.

    I then traced off a new pattern (fixing that centre back seam line) for some shorts and proceeded to cut out the navy twill that I had with me for a wearable toile of the pattern.  The fly front was sewn and all the other seams were basted together for a quick review by Angie, where we took another scoop out of the back crotch curve by 0.5cm (1/4″).

    When I got home I dug through my patterns to find one that had pockets (essential for dog walking) that I could use and found KS3614 fit the bill.

    So after all that, here they are:

    Not sure about the front wrinkles, it looks like I have more than the colourful toile, but I do know I was a bit slapdash with the pockets and associated seams.

    The back looks better, only has a slight break and wondering if I need to do the flat seat adjustment?

    Even with those I am very happy with this version and will definitely make some more, maybe next time add cargo pockets so I don’t mess with the side/waist seams.

    9 thoughts on “Presenting SWAP Item No. 7

    1. They fit very well. You do not really look like you have a flat bottom at all. I have recently lost weight and, once I re-draft my own pants pattern, I will send you a photo. Then you will see what a flat bottom really looks like. 🙂 Wanda in Edmonton


    2. I think the fit looks really good and your shorts look really smart. Thanks for showing the fitting alterations you've made – I find it really interesting.


    3. I think that the shorts look very good on you. No need to change the back, it really looks great. It's not apparent that the wrinkles in front are from wear or due to the pattern… honestly, from this side of things your shorts look nice!


    4. The fit looks great to me. I think that those of us who sew are way more critical about fit than people who wear RTW. Your SWAP is coming along very nicely!


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