Minoru sewing

I’ve had visitors for the last week, so no access to my sewing room, but that all changed yesterday afternoon.

The main fabric which is rip-stop has been cut out for a few weeks now and last weekend at the ASG Alexandria group meeting I thread marked the elastic casing marks on all the pieces and started to add zippered welt pockets to the front, after viewing Maria’s Minoru at the same meeting. 

I cut out the lining yesterday, you can see a peak of it in the pocket.

The sleeves are stitched to the front and back and have been topstitched.

I have decided to line the hood, both are stitched but not joined together.  After reading so many other Minoru constructions, I’m trying to decide if I will add an elastic draw string to the hood like Rocket Sews did with hers.  Think I need to do a test buttonhole to see how it works on the rip-stop, my decision might be made for me.

7 thoughts on “Minoru sewing

  1. Your jacket's looking great and zips in those pockets are a useful idea for future reference. It might be worthwhile trying a small square of interfacing behind the drrawstring buttonhole if you can do that with ripstop? I was thinking about your post this morning and wondered also about little metal eyelets? The lining is beautiful peeking out of your pocket.


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