Charity Sewing and more Minoru

Yesterday my ASG Group at Rhodes had a day of sewing for the local hospital.  Our focus is mainly on breast cancer, making chemo caps and berets and this year we also made some Comfort Packs which contain a Comfort Cushion, Drainage Bag and X-Ray bag.  I made this set.

The Group made a wonderful collection of goodies for the hospital and these will be delivered during April.

Minoru Update

During the week I was able to test sew a buttonhole on the rip-stop and used a piece of organza behind the buttonhole and it worked perfectly.

The next challenge was trying to find some Cord Clips that weren’t black or white, and found some at Lincraft at Alexandria, not navy but a mushroom colour.  Rocket Sews did point me in the direction of M.Recht in Melbourne but the cost of postage was a bit excessive for 1 item (pack of 10 cord clips) so I will check with my sewing buddies and see if they want anything so we can do a combined order. 

Getting into the sewing room this afternoon I have:

  •   sewn the buttonholes on the hood and used my buttonhole chisel to cut them open

  • Joined the hood and lining together, under-stitching the lining so it will stay nice and flat and out of sight, topstitched a channel around the edge of the hood and then threaded my cord through this adding the Cord Clips.
  • Sewed the hood to the zipper tape (another idea from Rocket Sews) and then sewed the zipper to the collar.
  •  Pulled up the gathers on the jacket body, attached this to the collar and then topstitched this seam.
  • The side seams and sleeves are now pinned ready to sew.

I’ve had a very satisfying weekend of sewing and if I want to sew after work this week I need to purchase a light bulb for my sewing room  🙂

7 thoughts on “Charity Sewing and more Minoru

  1. Anonymous

    Ooooh, a chisel? I've never heard of that, seems like a fun and useful little tool!The jacket is really coming along well, can't wait to see the finished project


  2. You belong to such a wonderful group of ladies to sew for an excellent cause such as this.The Minoru jacket is looking amazing, so professional! (And thanks for pointing out my blip, I've fixed it up now!)


  3. Sewing for a cause is such a great feeling and it's a win-win, the hospital gets something it needs and you get to sew!Your jacket is coming along nicely I'm looking forward to seeing it all done.


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