Shona Vest

I picked up the Trendsetter Yarns Shona Vest and Mitered Skirt knitting pattern and wool whilst I was visiting Puyallup last year and I did start to knit it during our trip especially during the long flights.

I finished knitting the vest late last year and then realised I had forgotten the buttonholes (this is my first knitted garment that includes buttonholes and seeing the notes for the buttonholes were by themselves at the end of the pattern, I thought like a sewer, you do them at the end, how wrong was I).  I wasn’t going to undo all those cables for some buttonholes, so I had to work out another way to close the vest.
Then the instructions told me to block the vest.  This was another first, I have knitted a few garments but I realised with all the cables that this vest would need to be blocked and of course this made me delay even further, and when I did bite the bullet and block it I couldn’t figure out why I was so reluctant!
I purchased the buttons separately directly from Jane Slicer-Smith when I saw her at one the Craft Shows in Darling Harbour and for the button loops I plaited 3 strands of wool together.

I am very happy how this vest has turned out and will work quite well into my wardrobe.

18 thoughts on “Shona Vest

  1. Anonymous

    It's beautiful! Is it REALLY your first knitted garment???!!! When I've taught people to knit, I have encouraged them to choose a project they really like because they'll be motivated to finish it. I think I might have raised an eyebrow if a \”newbie\” had pulled this pattern…I can certainly understand why you wouldn't have wanted to undo those cables for buttonholes! Fabulous recovery, too!Gorgeous work!Brenda


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