ASG Convention 2012

I really like looking at people’s travel wardrobes, it gives me ideas and after reading Carolyn’s travel wardrobe and the interest that was shown in the comments about looking at other people’s travel wardrobes, I thought I would share what I took with me to Adelaide for the ASG Convention.

Time away:
7 days

Where to:

Spring one month in and looking at the weather forecasts it was still going to be cool with 24c being the warmest during the day.  The weather really turned it on for us, some nights as low as 6c and most of the days ended up being around 18c except for Wednesday and Thursday when temperatures reached 26c.

Attending the Australian Sewing Guild Annual Convention, so there is a lot of walking to/from accommodation, classrooms, dining hall as well as a lot of stationery activity during the workshops.

On Wednesday we either had a tour of the fabric shops in Adelaide or a tour of the Adelaide Hills.

Colour scheme:
black, pale brown, chartreuse, grey and navy.

What I packed:  (each garment is linked to its original construction post – left to right; top to bottom)

brown/grey/black top;
Minoru jacket; worn every day
cream boat neck top;
chartreuse/grey/ink navy knit top
Shona vest;
black jeans;
salt and pepper skirt;
navy jeans;
grey cardigan;
black loafers;
taupe flats;
brown/green/cream abstract print top


This wardrobe worked very well, I didn’t feel as if I was in the same outfit as everything got worn at least two days each, except for the jeans they were worn for a total of 3 days each and the skirt for 2 days.

I mixed and matched the four tops with the jeans and skirt and the Shona vest went with both green mixed tops as well as the cream boat neck top and the grey cardigan went with all the tops and was a very handy layer under the Minoru jacket for the cold mornings and evenings. I also had a collection of jewellery that changed the look of the tops.  I’m glad I took two pairs of shoes as this let my feet wear a different pair/style each day.

I decided to go on the Fabric Tour to check out some of the fabric shops in the suburbs of Adelaide, however only one piece followed me home for a cardigan and two pieces of quilting cotton for another version of this bag for a very close friend who requested one for Christmas (who luckily doesn’t read my blog).

Blue, caramel, cream, rust, brown sweater knit
Floral print for the exterior, dots for the interior – Spice of Life bag

Now to find time to take a photo of the finished Fractured Knit Cardi.

10 thoughts on “ASG Convention 2012

  1. This is an interesting idea that I will implement soon, thanks for the inspiration! Equipment for traveling clothes are always a problem for me, love the way you have developed it, so smart!


  2. I absolutely adore your colour scheme and your wardrobe, and thank you for the mention. I am so glad you felt inspired by mine, I just love a peek into other people's suitcases too!


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