A bit of animal print

This is the T-shirt from Jalie 2566 which I had cut out before I went to the ASG Convention, so it has all the same pattern changes as the Cardigan, except the FBA.

This fabric jumped out at me when we were leaving Pitt Trading back in May of this year and  I have been wanting to make it up ever since and thought I only had enough for a cardigan, but with some fussy cutting managed to get this t-shirt out as well.

I didn’t add the neckband as this fabric is a sweater knit and I couldn’t get it to sit flat enough for my liking, so I simply overlocked (serged) the neck edge and turned it under and used my coverstitch to stitch it down.

I will do the FBA on this pattern as well as adding a bit of width to the sleeve hem as they are very snug.

The cardigan only needs the buttons sewn on and Alison did show me yesterday how do this by machine, but I like a thread shank on my buttons and also like to use a waxed thread, so by hand they will be sewn on.

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