Look what the postman delivered …

it is the top Quilt Sew Sew Sue made using New Look 6648 in a lovely silk jersey.

Now Sue wasn’t that happy with this top and her photos showed this pretty clearly, and seeing her post was titled “Should it stay or should it go”, I cheekily said that I might know a home for it, if it is going.

Sue very generously offered it to me.  I did check with Sue what size she had made and it was a size 12 and by the pattern measurements I would have made up a size 10 so with that in mind I accepted Sue’s offer.

Unfortunately I still have the same pull lines across the girls, I think this is mainly due to the fabric only being a 2 way stretch and Sue did tell me that it only just made the stretch guide.

The rest of the top isn’t tight, in fact the neckline is quite low and the gathers disappear due to too much fabric in the hip area.

Problem is I love the colour and the feel of the fabric, but not sure if I will wear it with those pull lines?

What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Look what the postman delivered …

  1. Great colour on you. I agree that the lines probably are more obvious in a photograph and doubly so because you told us they were there so we looked. I like Steph A's idea of an underarm gusset, too, but perhaps Mel J's suggestion about pulling it up at the shoulders might work? It seems there is a bit of length in the body. I hope you can make it work because this really is your colour and I love the top!


  2. Why don't you wear it for a day and see if the pull lines bother you? Sometimes stretch fabric just needs a bit of wearing in to make it mould to your body. I guess the the pattern really needed a FBA adjustment on you but having seen you in the flesh (so to speak) I would have to say the pattern company must be joking. No offence intended here you understand. It will be ice and cool for when the weather heats up again. Nice colour on you.


  3. It's a lovely top, and the colour is really great on you. I like Mel's idea, it would work on some tops. If you had some scraps (or harvest from somewhere inconspicuous?) would an underarm gusset be possible?


  4. It seems that things always look more obvious in pictures. I think it is because the body is not in motion. The pull lines will not be so obvious when you are wearing it and moving normally.


  5. I noticed the colour first…always great on you! But those pulls …mmmm..yes, they are a bit obvious…perhaps to be worn under a jacket which is done up??…as long as it feels ok, not restrictive…


  6. Well – it looks heaps better on you!! It is a really pretty colour on you. I will be interested to see what others say about the pull lines. They are certainly not as bad on you as they were for me.


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