I just can’t help myself,

I have signed up for another sew-along and made a public commitment to reduce my stash this year over at Cation Designs and the awesome badge is on my sidebar.

I, Sharon of Petite and Sewing, commit to sew ¾ of all projects in 2013 from Stash. Fabric purchases will be less than the yardage used during the stash sewing in 2013. 

Notice I haven’t said I won’t purchase fabric Facebook smileys

This now means that I need to keep tabs on how much fabric goes in/out of the stash, and I am definitely not measuring how much is in there, all I will say is that there is plenty for me to play with.

I have a new top and skirt to show you and they are both from Stash.

6 thoughts on “I just can’t help myself,

  1. Renata

    We all seem to suffer from stash-OCD. If only they would just lock us all up with our stashes, patterns, machines, etc. And you definitely need another badge!!!


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