Glittery Jersey

I mentioned in this post that I have started working on my Evening Collection for the 2nd half of my SWAP.

My wardrobe has very little evening styled garments in it, and during the year I do have a number of dressy occasions to attend and this hopefully will reduce the mad sewing for an event for a while.

When Ann from Gorgeous Fabrics posted her Gala Top I quickly popped over to her online shop and found some fabric named Disco Glam Jersey – Bronze and just had to have it.  Luckily my boss was in the USA at the time and he so kindly agreed to be my courier. 

When this arrived, I knew exactly what it would be, it has such a wonderful drape! 
Another KS 3740 the wonderful cowl top, but this time I have made it sleeveless.
For this version I have:
  • taken out 1cm (3/8″) from the underarm to tapering back to nothing 4cm (1 1/2″) lower
  • as the fabric has a bit of weight to it, I have added a ribbon across the back neck to keep it from falling off my shoulders.
So here is my first top for the Evening Collection of my SWAP.

Stash Out:  4.95m
Stash In:  0

13 thoughts on “Glittery Jersey

  1. Absolutely glamorous, and the perfect design for that gorgeous fabric. You have the most wonderful eye for colours. You pick all my favourites for your creations :)Looks fabulous with your white jeans too.


  2. Now that is stunning fabric! I like the combo of sleeveless and cowl neck. Nice about adding the ribbon support – I'll have to tuck that away in my tips-n-tricks bank. Well done!


  3. Totally glam, and very versatile. I like the idea of including evening wear in a SWAP. I'm very random about special occasion pieces. They tend to be one-off pieces that don't integrate well with other parts of my wardrobe. You've definitely got me thinking!


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