A lacey top

The last month has been absolutely crazy due to work however I have been able to get 10 – 15 minutes most mornings in my sewing room and this is the result.

This fabric has been in my stash since 2009 when my sewing buddies and I  headed to Melbourne for 4 days of fabric shopping.

Then when I decided to do an “Evening Collection” for my SWAP this fabric just had to have its day.

I took me a while to work out what design I wanted to use and it was during one of my Pinterest sessions I found this wonderful top by Lover and realised that the lines were very much the same as my TNT blouse pattern.

Luckily the lace has a two way pattern, so I could use the scallop edge effectively for all the pieces.

Again there is not much to tell on this blouse, except I have used French Seams, a purchased satin bias tape for the neckline, Hong Kong finish for the armholes using sun silky, with an invisible zipper in the left hand side seam.

And here it is:

Nearly the same pose!

Satin bias tape binding on the neckline
Satin bias tape handstitched to the wrong side and french seams
Hong Kong finish on invisible zip and armholes

This is my 6th piece for SWAP, I really need to find some more time to sew, especially as the Trench has only been cut out!


BTW, due the amount of spam comments I have been receiving I have changed my comments to be moderated and may have to stop allowing Anonymous comments. Deleting the spam comments is not a fun part of blogging.  

Stash Out:  6.65m
Stash In:  0

24 thoughts on “A lacey top

  1. It's beautiful. What terrific use of such lovely fabric. I hope your spam problem improves. I found disabling anonymous worked pretty well, as I too find captcha rather difficult to negotitate.


  2. Absolutely beautiful Sharon! It looks just as gorgeous with your jeans, as I am sure it will for evening wear too. :)I understand completely about the spam problem, however may I respectfully suggest that you consider disabling Anonymous comments, rather than introduce word verification; which is the absolute BANE of my blogging life?


  3. That is just lovely, and as has been said, works as well with jeans as it will with the \”evening\” side of your SWAP. Great work for doing it in little chunks of time too! I had to do the same thing on my blog, for some reason there were suddenly tons of spam messages


  4. Renata

    The photos don't do the lace justice. It is totally exquisite IRL. I know the rules said 'no camisole', don't know if I could comply. You will be a knockout in the complete evening outfit.


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