Brown Jeans

This is the same brown denim that I used for the Rachel Comey Skirt and I have used Jalie 2908 my jeans pattern that I am very pleased with the fit.

This time the only change I made was to reduce the size of the back pockets by 1cm all the way around.

The back pocket design is the same one as I used on my blue denim jeans for last year’s SWAP but this time I used Gutterman 697 Upholstery Thread and Stitch 47 in Mode 2 on my Janome MemoryCraft 5200 which I think is a triple straight stitch.  You also saw here how I had initially sewed them on, this looks much better.

You may have noticed I have added a small design feature a second rivet at the top of  the back pockets, well I got a bit carried away with putting the rivets on and accidently caught extra fabric in the Prym Tool and had this hole to cover.

The fabric I used for the pocket lining is left over from this bag.

Now for the rest of the details:

Jeans button and zip

Coin pocket and rivets

This completes my Everyday collection for SWAP and is my 8th piece.

Ann who has been one of the contestants for the Great British Sewing Bee, is also our co-ordinator for all our photos for the SWAP so luckily for me the SWAP deadline has been moved to 10 May as I still have 3 garments to complete.

Episode 3
Episode 4

Stash Out:  8.85m
Stash In:  0

10 thoughts on “Brown Jeans

  1. Great jeans! I love the effect of the upholstery thread for your design. It really helps it to stand out. I also like that you shortened the pocket slightly. I'll have to remember to do that when I make my next pair. This is a very good pattern for a comfy pair of jeans.


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