SWAP is completed!!

Yes I know on Sunday I said I still had 3 pieces to make, welllll

  • I only had to finish the hand stitching on this sequin top for my Evening collection (9th piece) and that has been done.
  • I had already decided to bring in a previously sewn garment as per the rules, this black wool skirt  for my Evening collection (10th piece).
  • then the only piece left was the all important cross-over piece, the Trench.

    After a semi frustrating day sewing the Trench at my Guild meeting last Saturday where I did more unpicking than sewing, I sat down on Sunday night and listed what was left to do on the Trench. 

    There are still 18 steps left to do and one of these is working out how am I going to install a metal zip into the curved collar for the hood.

    I really want to finish this Trench with care and attention to detail and I realised I was not doing this by trying to finish it for SWAP.

  • Therefore I needed a new cross-over piece, so I have gone to the other extreme in difficulty and made another version of Simplicity 2603 the waterfall cardigan as my previous version needs to be retired.

I will be back shortly with more details for the sequin top and the cardi wrap, but thought I’d leave you with this:

Sorry, got to investigate that noise!

8 thoughts on “SWAP is completed!!

  1. Your evening top is just beautiful, simple and chic 🙂 the perfect silhouette to show off the gorgeous sequinned fabric.The picture with the flying super-dog made me laugh!


  2. That sequin top is simply stunning. I almost glows. I love it.Great pic of the dog – it's kind of like – was it a bird – was it a plane – no superdog to the rescue.


  3. Your evening top looks awesome, what a great autumnal colour. I don't think I have seen this shade in sequins before, what a find!Replacing a worn-to-death piece is a great idea for a SWAP, you know it will fit right in. Your trench sounds as if it will be much more fun if you can take your time.


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