Out and about

Thank goodness for weekends, today it gave me time to get my eyes tested and then to visit Sandra one of my sewing buddies to do more work on our trouser/pant fitting.

Top: Kwik Sew 3740 in a coffee/cream/grey knit (blogged here)
Trouser: Simplicity 3640 track suit pants pattern changed to cargo pants in blue stretch woven (blogged here)
Accessory: Purchased gold band choker and ink navy disk and purchased hoop earrings.
Hosiery/Nylons:Voodoo Celestial
Shoes:  Betts Camel Flats

Hope you had a lovely Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. Can see it now – loving that top. Outfit looks great as always.Just letting you know I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Some people love awards, some people don’t. Please don’t feel any pressure to participate. It is entirely up to you. Just my way of letting you know I enjoy your blog.


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