Photographic Sunday

SWAP officially finished on Friday 10 May and now the fun and games of getting the photos taken and submitted by 18 May of our various garments in their respective collection has begun.

Even though we woke to an unusual fog this morning, it soon cleared to a gorgeous sunny day, no hint of the cool weather at all, so I spent the morning in and out of the house, changing garments, accessories and trying to find ways to keep myself amused and out of DH’s and Roscoe’s way

Then it was time to head off to Surry Hills to meet up with DH’s family for a Mother’s Day lunch for his Sister which was very enjoyable.

What happened to the cold weather!

Top: Vogue 8572 in self patterned orange linen worn on Day 1 (I do love this top)
Skirt: Vogue 1247 Rachel Comey skirt in brown denim worn on Day 4 (yes I love this skirt as well)
Accessory: Purchased Gold disc on black cord and hoop earrings.
Shoes:  Orange Naturalizer Sandals

I’ve still got SWAP photos to take so keep your fingers crossed for clear weather!

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