All packed up …

and heading off to our sewing weekend.

This was last Saturday morning and after hubby had loaded the car for me I drove to the Mercure Hotel at Parramatta to meet up with 14 of my real life sewing buddies to sew and chat all weekend!

Here we are all busy and if you look closely you can see my trench coat hanging on the window sill at the back of the room.

At this stage the trench still had 18 steps to do in no particular order and those with a line through them were completed during the weekend.

finish pockets
– secure pockets to seams
– install grommets on storm flaps both front and back
attach back facing
work out how to put zip in curved collar

– if work out then finish hood and install
make collar and attach the Burda way
– make carriers for belt and sleeve carriers
set in sleeves
– add batting to sleeve cap
– attach carriers
baste piping around facings
– press hems in place
– attach lining – already made – basted in as I wanted to see how it looked 🙂
– handstitch/sew hems
– sew on buttons
– make belt for coat
– make straps for sleeves 
I spent Saturday morning making various collar prototypes trying to work out how to  put the chunky metal zipper into the curved collar for the hood.  No matter how much pressing and shaping of the zipper tape I did, I couldn’t get it to fit the curve of the collar so that idea has been scrapped, so my trench doesn’t have a hood, but I can live with that.
The remainder of the weekend was spent completing the other steps and here is how the trench looks at present:

There are still quite a few steps to do on the trench and they are going to take some time.  

Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend of laughter, shared experiences and knowledge, it was a lot of fun!!

Not much other sewing has been going on besides the pants muslins but I have decided to join the Pyjama Party over at Did you make that? as I am in need of some new winter PJ’s as well as a lighter pair for when we head to the snow as our accommodation is centrally heated and I definitely don’t need my flannel PJ’s then.

Is anyone else sewing along?

9 thoughts on “All packed up …

  1. ooh I'm so jealous – I long for the days when I can go away for the weekend by myself. I'm surprised you got so much done though, I know what you ladies are like when you all get together!!


  2. I don't know if this will help but one of my winter coats only has a short zip in the middle of the back neck for the hood. Possibly 0.25 open, 0.5 zip then 0.25 open. It works very well.The rest of your coat is looking good.


  3. It was indeed a fantastic weekend! Thank you for organising it. Your trench is fantastic. Such a tribute to your attention to detail and hard work. Look forward to seeing you wearing it.


  4. You still have plenty of things to show off. I totally envy sewing involved get togethers. We have a garment sewing group, but no place to get together and sew. that place looks so convenient.


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