Summer sewing

I’ve really enjoyed wearing my Rachel Comey brown denim skirt during winter and thought this wonderful burnt orange linen, purchased from Tessuti, would make a perfect summer skirt.

This time I used the same fabric for the pockets as I was concerned about show through. 

I lined it with Sun Silky and this was the best colour match that I could find and also tried out my rolled hem foot for the lining hem. 

and the back view

and someone managed to be in most of my photos!

There is a new top to go with this skirt on the sewing table so fingers crossed I will be back soon.

Stash Out:  21.65 m
Stash In:     16.3 m

17 thoughts on “Summer sewing

  1. Gorgeous color, so versatile. I love it with the leopard print. You really can build a wardrobe around this skirt when you have so many versatile tops.The pockets look really handy too.


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