Drum roll please ….

the Trench is finished Facebook smileys

It first started here, then the toile and pattern changes and lastly how it looked when you last saw it,

and now!

This has been one of the most challenging projects I have undertaken ever, but so worth it.

The rain coat fabric had its own requirements, but once I worked up the courage it was very easy to work with.

  •  I used fusible interfacing, Sheerweft TM for the facings and this fused very well using my Singer Magic Press, 
  • I used a Sharps needle,and increased the stitch length for my top stitching to 3.5 (previously using 3)
  • The fabric ravels quite a bit, so I over-locked/serged all the seams.

When you last saw the trench I had basted in the lining.  When I sat down again to work on the trench I realised I should have sat down a lot sooner and sorted out my to do list in a logical construction order as I hadn’t,

  • added the hanging strap,
  • installed the eyelets on the storm flaps,
  • made or sewn on the belt loops,
  • made and sewn on the double d-ring closure at the neck edge
this meant I had to do a lot of “going back”!

Now for a lot of  detailed photos:

Pocket bags secured to seams

This is a great tip from my sewing buddy Dilliander which she has posted on Pattern Review.

Batting used for sleeve cap

Bagged the sleeves using this great tutorial from Grainline Studio

Caught the lining on the sleeve seams to stop the sleeves moving forward

French Tacks from Couture Sewing Techniques at the shoulder and underarm seams

Pockets made for hem weights

Interfacing fused at hem, weights in place and hems finished

French seams used for the lining

Double D rings for neck closure, storm flaps have eyelets with washers installed using a Prym Kit
I purchased from the UK.

A closer look at the zippered pocket on left sleeve

Belts and buckles.

Lining with piping and hanging strap

Concealed buttons

oops, I missed a belt loop!

and last of all

can we go play now!

Even with the challenges and time this has taken I am thrilled with my Trench and look to forward to getting a lot of wear from it.

Stash Out:  19.25m
Stash In:  3.3

26 thoughts on “Drum roll please ….

  1. All I can say is Wow! Such a fabulous job. How naive am I – I didn't have a clue that weights were put into clothing!! I can only aspire to make something of this complexity. Awesome! Cheers, Karen


  2. Your coat is terrific. What an impressive piece, and sure to be worn for years, its such a classic and so beautifully made. Thank you for all your construction details. I will be back to your posts when I eventually make myself a trench coat – on my wish list!


  3. Absolutely fabulous Sharon, congratulations! It looks so professionally, and very cool indeed. I love how all the extras look, they really lift it up very high end, and the buckles are a terrific match. Did you get them in Sydney?


  4. This is beautiful and I really appreciate all the technical details and the time involved. It will be so wonderfully satisfying to wear. I like the construction tips too, there are a few details in there I will file away for future use.


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