Jeans style skirt

I wanted another skirt to wear with my Rachel Comey top for summer and had on my wish list a denim skirt but not necessarily in denim particularly after I had pinned this bright yellow denim skirt.

I started with my Self Drafted Skirt pattern and then dug out the detailed instructions that Sue Marriott had given me during her workshop on “how to use your TNT pants pattern to design and construct a pair of jeans” at the ASG Convention in Ballart in 2010.

I made the following changes to my pattern:

  • Added seam allowance to the skirt front so that I could have a centre front seam.
  • Drew in the fly front extension.
  • Drew my front pocket shape and drafted the pocket facing and pocket stay patterns.
  • Drew in the back yoke, adding seam allowance to both pieces.
  • Copied the back pockets from my Jalie Jeans as I like the shape and size.
    Copied the waistband from my Jalie Jeans pattern, adding a bit more length to it, just in case.

Next up was to find some fabric and I settled on a forest green twill from Spotlight and in my stash I had some wonderful cotton for the pockets.

The construction from there is just like a pair of jeans – you just don’t have a crotch seam to sew!

This time I have finally put in the pocket stay, besides keeping your pockets in place which avoids “tucking in” the pocket when getting dressed, it is also known as a “tummy control panel”.

 I also edgestitched and topstitched all the seams, including the side seams.

When I went to install the jeans button and rivets I realised that they weren’t the same colour so last Saturday night I headed to the M.Recht Accessories website and ordered antique brass jean buttons and nails and much to my delight they arrived on Tuesday, talk about wonderful service!

So here it is!
Wish I could get the colour consistent!
This is a great skirt and can see it getting a lot of wear during summer and even autumn.
Stash Out:  24.65 m
Stash In:     22.3 m

24 thoughts on “Jeans style skirt

  1. Hi Sharon, just a quick question. I notice the M Recht buttons etc. seem to come in a minimum order of 100 on their website. Did you manage to order a small number or did you add them to the stash?Cheers, Sarah


  2. That looks fantastic Sharon. I love the pocket detail stitching. I have to know about pocket stays. What are they and how do you make them? Anything that gives 'tummy support' is definitely a must know!! Cheers, Karen


  3. I love your skirt and it looks beautiful with the Rachel Comey blouse. I have been considering buying a jeans skirt pattern but perhaps I will follow your lead and draft my own. Thanks for the helpful directions.


  4. I meant to tell you how great your skirt looked today (too much other chatting going on!), and even at the end of the day it still looked fresh and crisp. Great fabric and skirt construction


  5. Anonymous

    You won't believe this but I've just ordered some colourful needle cord to make jeans style skirts – great minds, eh? Thanks for this, very inspiring and a super skirt.


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