Leather toiletry bag

My darling husband is a mad keen skier and will make any excuse to go and play in all that white stuff.

When he travels he packs as little as possible and as light as he can and this includes his toiletry bag.  This bag has been with him for as long as I have know him and he mentioned earlier this year that he would like a new one, but it had to be the same size!

Now this bag is made from one piece of vinyl with a zip joining the two edges together and measures 33cm x 23cm in total.

I decided to make it a bit special and headed to NSW Leather Co Pty Ltd at Alexandria and purchased a small back leather skin, and then to the Remnant Warehouse where I purchased some black water proof fabric.

Then I had the brain wave about personalising it and found this perfect vintage leather stamp at Thrifty Earth, an Etsy store.  Crissy was the best in getting this to me in time for Christmas.

Now the stamp doesn’t have a handle, so another trip to Birdsall Leather & Craft at Botany to purchase a stamp handle.

Next up was to figure out how to use the stamp to get the best impression in the leather and this is where YouTube is so fantastic.  It was at this time I realised I needed some granite, definitely not in our house, but thankfully my neighbour had a small piece that I could use.

I am very happy how the stamp turned out!

The rest of the bag was a very easy sew.

It is wrapped under the Christmas Tree and I will be interested to see what he says, especially after we watched the Great British Sewing Bee Christmas Special and all the talk about how special home made gifts are!

13 thoughts on “Leather toiletry bag

  1. What a fabulously personal gift. And He watched a craft show with you – definitely a keeper!! Chris would rather cut off his own hand – but I told him not to worry – I am a sewist so I can sew it back on!! Cheers, Karen


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