December garments of the month – finsihed!

The final stitches have been completed and I now have a tweed suit that will need to find some serious outgoings to go to!!

Looks like DH should have mowed the lawn!

The benefit of both of these pieces is that they will work extremely well individually with plain tops, bottoms or jackets so I have a lot of ideas running around my head at the moment.

The skirt is my Self Drafted TNT skirt pattern, with the fabric being completely fused with Superfine interfacing to help stop it from bagging from sitting as well as lining the skirt in my normal fashion with Sun Silky lining.

Unfortunately this skirt can’t be included in my SWAP plans, but that is okay as I have the perfect brown summer weight wool ready to be made into a skirt and the remainder of the silk crepe de chine that I used to quilt my jacket with for a top.

I would like to thank all of you for reading my posts this year and enjoying my journey with me and your wonderful comments that you have taken the time to share.  I look forward to seeing your sewing adventures in 2014 and wish everyone a wonderful New Year and a sewfantastic 2014.


Stash Out:    32.65m

Stash In:      24.80m

27 thoughts on “December garments of the month – finsihed!

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, what a beautiful suit and such a great fit! I'd love to be able to make myself a jacket, definitely something to aim for…


  2. I don't know how I missed this but I'm glad you linked to it from your most recent post. Your suit is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the coloration (I love me the earth tones)!Happy New Year!


  3. Sharon, this jackeet and skirt set is one of the best things I've ever seen on any blog.I absolutely love it. Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing what you sew in 2014.


  4. How wonderful you look. The fitting of both pieces is just perfect. So very elegant. And I know the workmanship would be so good. It eas great to re-connect with you this year after a 15 year or so hiatus. Bring on 2014!! Cheers, Karen


  5. Stunning! Sharon you look a million dollars. How lovely to have such a gorgeous outfit in your wardrobe. It is beautiful in every way… and such a fabulous high to note on which to farewell 2013. Happy new year and I look forward to more sewing adventures in 2014.


  6. Fabulous work as always. The outfit is very flattering on you and even more wearable for being able to be split and worn as separates. The jacket would look fab with jeans too I think.


  7. The suit is stunning Sharon. Isn't it a pity that life is so casual nowadays that it is not easy to wear such gorgeous garments. The jacket though would also work with more casual trousers, and the skirt with a nice jumper. The craftsmanshiip is once again superb. Happy New Year Sharon.


  8. Fantastic outfit Sharon. I hope you get many opportunities to wear this suit in the New Year, to justify all the work that you must have put into it. You have impeccable sewing skills. Looking forward to following your sewing journey in 2014.


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