My sister has decided to give beading a go and to try and help her I went looking for a bead shop in her area, and guess what I found, Tribute to Tribal beads at My Beads.  Oh my I knew exactly what I would be dropping hints for for Christmas!

I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I opened my present on Christmas morning.

We were at Mum’s for Christmas and she mentioned that she had a new top but had no necklace to wear with it so of course I asked her bring it out and it worked perfectly with some of my new beads.

Last week I made up this necklace and posted it to Mum and she is thrilled with it.

Now to get organised to make myself a new necklace or two!!

8 thoughts on “Beading

  1. The necklace for your Mum is lovely – I love the colours in the large bead. We have a bead making shop in Ballarat. When Chantelle was younger we had a 'mother/daughter' day making beaded jewellery – such fun! Still have my necklace. Cheers, Karen


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