Stashbusting once more!

I have signed up again for another year of Stashbusting with Emily and Cindy and made a public commitment to reduce by stash this year over at Tumbleweeds In The Wind and the 2014 badge is on my sidebar.

 I, Sharon of Petite and Sewing, commit to sew 3/4 of all projects in 2014 from Stash. Fabric purchases will be less than yardage used during the stash sewing in 2014.

The Stashbusting sew along is also having the usual monthly themes and to add a bit of interest are including a Curating Challenge each month as well.

The theme for January is Itty Bits for all those small pieces of fabric you keep around that are under a yard and I have got just the thing to make; and the Curating Challenge is to answer the following questions:

Why do I Sew
To have garments that fit me, in the colour I want and the styles that I like. It has also let me meet some wonderful sewing buddies and we meet up frequently to sew and chat. Sewing also is a great way for me to unwind after a hard day at the office.

What’s on your list?
This is a bit harder for me to determine, there are so many ideas going around in my head and you all know that I am working on my 2014 SWAP and have committed to the Marfy Sewalong. The only other think I have on my list at present is to make some activewear!

Why am I Stashbusting
I have quite a bit of fabric, maybe not as much as others but a lot more than my current storage is capable of handling.

I also want to feel comfortable that I can purchase fabric that has to come home with me so the stash does need to reduce so I can find somewhere to store it!!

I hope you did notice that I haven’t said I won’t purchase fabric, because Sandra (Dilliander) and I went on a fabric tour the other week in search of activewear fabrics and look what followed us home!!!

Our first stop was Standardknit Fabrics, are a wholesaler but will sell to the public as long as you purchase a minimum of 5 metre lengths. Luckily Sandra and I like the same colours so we agreed to split the 5 metres.

SportsPlus Micro – Sand and Maroon

Stella Cotton Elastomeric – Navy, Pumpkin, Brown and Sand

Our next stop was Pitt Trading, mainly because Sandra had never been there and of course this wonderful navy and orange knit jumped into my hands and just had to come home with me.

From there we went to Metro Fabrics where we purchased two pieces of Supplex

Ink Navy
Grass Green

This little tour has had a major impact on my Stash already this year, so I had better get sewing!!

 2014 Stash Out: 0 m
 2014 Stash In: 19.25 m

11 thoughts on “Stashbusting once more!

  1. I would love to do this but since the greater part of my stash is quilting fabric and not always garment friendly don't know how practical it will be. I will make a little pledge to myself that wherever appropriate I will sew from my stash. 😄


  2. I agree with Rhonda about finding the perfect piece! I am glad to hear that you aren't vowing to *fabric fast*, when a piece that is perfect finds its way to you then it is destiny.3/4 seems like a perfect ratio. It is a commitment but not to restrictive.and I'm not just saying this because I just sent you some of my stash…


  3. Looks like you made some great finds! Hopefully you will use them well and quickly. 🙂 I found last year the fabric I did buy got used up quicker…Thanks for joining us again on this stash busting adventure! It was nice to read your answers to the questions and good luck on accomplishing all your goals!


  4. 19.25m is a lot when your storage is already overwhelmed! I think I did really well last year using mostly stash fabrics and yet I can't see a reduction in the stash at all….


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