Cream Blouse – January Garment of the Month completed

The Make a Garment a Month is having themes this year and for January it is a new skill, a old pattern seen anew, or a new wardrobe plan.

I am going for an old pattern seen anew, this is my trusty blouse pattern Vogue 8572 (OOP)  but this time I am seeing it in a very different light due to the reasons below.

Following on from my last version, this time I have made the following adjustments:

*  I moved the bust dart up by 1cm e.g. moved 2cm from the very original position.
*  Levelled the dart as per Vicki’s comment.

I am much happier with the look.

I also said that the sleeves were giving me trouble, but after reading about Lisa’s lace blouse I ended up at Handmade by Heather B and her photographic tutorial on how to do the Forward Shoulder Sleeve Adjustment that Gigi Louis had posted a tip about on Pattern Review.

I have been doing a forward shoulder adjustment for years, and have tried unsuccessfully to reshape the sleeve head but always had excess fabric in the back as well as getting the sleeves to sit nicely.

So I followed Heather’s photo tutorial and changed my sleeve pattern and it now looks like this.

I knew that I had enough silk left over to either cut out a pair of my old sleeves (original pattern still intact) or bias strips to make the blouse sleeveless.

For the first time ever, my sleeves went in the first time, no excess fabric giving me grief and in silk, I am ecstatic!!

Now I need to do this adjustment to all my sleeves, I wonder if this will fix the twist I get in my knit top sleeves!

This blouse ticks a few commitments:

  • is my 2nd piece for my first 3 pac for SWAP 2014.
  • my completed January Make a Garment a Month
  • is my IttyBit for the Stash 2014 sewalong as I used under a yard and it was leftover from my jacket.

I am also wearing my new brown wool skirt and will share more details about it soon!


2014 Stash Out:    0.8 m

2014 Stash In:      19.25 m

23 thoughts on “Cream Blouse – January Garment of the Month completed

  1. I am so pleased you ended up at Heathers blog for the sleeve cap alteration. It's pretty awesome and I'm pretty much resigned to the fact I will need to do it to everything I make now. It makes the sleeve fit so well. Your Silk blouse is just beautiful.


  2. Why am I not surprised that this blouse ticks the box in many different areas – I remember how organised and 'list' oriented you are!! How beautiful your blouse looks, simple and elegant. Congrats. Xx. K


  3. Lovely fit. I am trying to transform a similar old Simplicity pattern and your posts are very helpful, especially the link for the forward shoulder adjustment Thanks for sharing.


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