Burgundy Track pants

These are the track pants that I took away with me in April.

Now track pants aren’t part of our normal holiday attire, however when DH packed his I asked why and he said to be comfortable whilst visiting his Mum.  Well my track pants are not fit to be seen outside at the moment so this is where I really appreciate my stash.

I had purchased 5 metres of this tracksuit fleece from Standard Knits in April 2012 for the sole purpose of some track suits for dog walking and to wear of an evening when I get home from work when it gets colder.

It was also lucky that I had used Simplicity 3640 (OOP) track suit pattern before for my cargo pants so I knew they fitted as the pattern had already been adjusted.

3 hours later they were finished and packed in our bag.

I am really happy with the fit of these,they are a slim fit which I prefer.

They are high waisted but that suits me fine so no cold air can creep in when I am sitting down.

I also put a piece of fabric in the back waistband for easy identification.

This is not the true colour, the pictures above are.

Now they aren’t perfect for dog walking as there are no pockets so Roscoe now has to carry his own bags, but I plan on making another pair and they will have pockets.


2014 Stash Out: 11.75 m
2014 Stash In:  43.75 m

16 thoughts on “Burgundy Track pants

  1. These are a lovely colour, style & fit and just the ticket for relaxing in the evening as well as your early morning walks. I'm sure Roscoe is happy to carry his own bags for now.


  2. Yes, these are a nice cut, especially around the bottom. I agree about the high waist – warm, comfy and practical, that's the way to go. We all need these basic things in our wardrobe. It's a nice pattern, on my list now if it's not OOP.


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