Gift giving

It all started when my best friend saw this necklace and gave the largest hint that one in various shades of purple would be a wonderful Christmas present, so who was I do deny her.

Another trip to Zilchbeads was organised and the lovely ladies helped me sort out the beads for this necklace.

and a close up of the colours

Whilst I was there, I saw a very stylish necklace and thought it would be an ideal gift for Mum so before I left the class the beads were gathered.

and an evening later I had finished this necklace which is 48 cm in length.

It will work with all her plain tops to add a bit of sparkle!

Whilst there I also saw some lovely beads that are hand made that will be perfect with the coral and watermelon fabric that is part of my 2015 SWAP plans, just not so sure I want to get involved in making beads!

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