Oh Watson, what have I done

but succumbed to the purchase of the Watson Bra and Bikini pattern by Cloth Habit.

The pattern is for a bra with no underwires, has a long line or regular band and also a bikini brief and is for knit fabrics.

The pattern instructions do clearly show you how to take your measurements and Amy does provide a bit more information about breathing when taking your Band measurement as well as holding a Sew Along to help us new to bra sewing.

I normally wear an underwire bra but thought this pattern could be useful for those days that I didn’t want to wear an underwire and also this is the style of bra my sister likes.

Taking my measurements I have a Band size of 30 and a C cup.

Sue, from fadanista pointed out that you don’t have to print all of the pattern out which can save you a quite a bit of paper.

I found some suitable sized pieces of the Cream Mercury Jersey left over from this top in my scrap bag for the cup, cradle and band.

The Straps are the first thing you finish and luckily I had purchased a few metres of Bra strap from Metro Fabrics at Tempe.  As I was making the long line bra I needed a 3-row hook & eye which I purchased from Booby Traps along with some 12mm and 6mm plush back elastic.

The cradle is interfaced or lined and I used some Lisa Ho Power Net for this.

As I wasn’t sure how this would wear I didn’t try and line the bra cups but Carolyn from Handmade by Carolyn has very kindly set out the steps to do this.

I will be trying this out for the next version as their will be a next time as I found this bra very comfortable and supportive to wear.

The only change I will make is reduce the width of the long line band by no more than the width of the elastic as it is just a tad too long for me and keeps folding up.

I will be trying the Bikini brief soon, however elastic and I haven’t had a good experience to date.

2015 Stash Out: 4.45 m
2015 Stash In: 13,5 m

13 thoughts on “Oh Watson, what have I done

  1. This is one thing I would really love to try sewing – and this seems like such a good entry point due to minimal hardware requirements. But the elastic of briefs still scares the living daylights out of me! It's nice to hear that this provides comfortable support – it's the kind of thing I would love to be able to wear when lazing about the house.


  2. I've wondered about the Watson – it looks a good bra for beginners. Thanks for the lining tip – also thanks to Carolyn. I love your little stash count – the usual pattern, a ratio of 1:3 ish out to in 🙂


  3. I think you may have won over another Watson convert. What a lovely bra and the power net on the cradle was a great idea to add support. It looks so pretty in the skin tone cream jersey too.


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