Polymer Clay beads

So much for my participation in the “Fabric Stash Contest” I wrote about last time, I did manage to cut out another 2 tops and a dress but then came down with a cold and just didn’t want to do anything at all.

Since then the 2 tops have progressed slowly but are still not finished and the dress is still attached to the pattern.

As I alluded to we are heading north soon and for my new tops I decided I need some new summery necklaces.

When I was last at Zilchbeads making these, I had with me the fabrics for my new tops and wanted some help in choosing some new beads for necklaces and the perfect necklace was on display.

It was a completely new technique for me as you make the beads, which I have never tried before, as well as using the quilling technique, again something I had admired but never tried.

To start you take three colours: black, white and pink, slicing them and then layering them together and rolling them through what looked like a pasta maker until you got the mix that you wanted and the thickness required.

Source Fire Mountain Gems

My next challenge was to cut this into wedges (like the purple one below) freehand, thankfully they took pity on me and cut the strips for me.

Then you roll from the thick end so that it layers nicely showing the different colours as you go.

Make sure you make a hole in each before they are cooked in the oven.

Once cooled, you start stringing and voila, a new necklace and earrings.

Now to get my tops finished so I can wear my new necklace!

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