Canada and the USA – travel wardrobe

We have just arrived home from our trip to Canada and the USA and thought I’d share my wardrobe as this time I had to pack ski gear as well.

Time away:
16 days

Where to:
Canada and Puyallup in the USA.

Winter heading into Spring, however it was still snowing in Silver Star and Revelstoke when we visited and I planned for a temperature range of -2c to 17c.

For the first two days I got to explore Vancouver checking out the various fabric shops that I could find, before meeting up with Mark and then driving the 2 hours south crossing the border into the USA to spend the weekend at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo, at Puyallup, Washington State.

Then it was back across the border to Silver Star where we stayed with Mark’s sister. Unfortunately I had a skiing accident which thankfully only resulted in a bruised calf but this put a stop to my skiing activities.  Mark had plenty of runs both at Silver Star and Revelstoke with family and friends.

Colour scheme:

What I packed:
(each garment is linked to its original construction post – left to right, top to bottom)

McCalls 8522 coat in aubergine wool (never blogged)
Simplicity 2603 cardigan in brown merino wool (to be blogged)
Grey leather gloves
Taupe loafers
Brown boots
Orange gortex ski jacket
Black ski pants
Black boots
Black snow boots
Not pictured are my pyjamas, lingerie and my thermals for skiing.
I also had a separate boot bag for my ski boots and helmet.
Oh and I did purchase a puffy jacket on sale which turned out warmer than my McCalls Coat.
Silver Star Village, look at the snow depth!

Again this wardrobe worked very well for me, all tops went with the bottoms and the yoga pants and hoodie were perfect for breakfast in the morning with family and friends and good to get into after a day out to wind down after a full day.

We did wash twice whilst we were away and this is part of our trips so no bother at all.

A selection of jewellery did accompany me and feel this changed the look of some of the combinations.

Before I left I found The Sewaholic Guide to Fabric Stores in Vancouver  and had this printed out for my 2 days in Vancouver before Mark arrived.

Some of them were a bit further afield for public transport but I did manage to find:

and these two pieces of paisley rayon followed me home:

and across the road was Atex Fabric Store which had some gorgeous wools but I did behave myself trying to remember all the wools in my stash at home.

Then around the corner was Button Button,

where some special buttons came home with me, you will have to wait for these.

I will be back soon to share the rest of my trip.

2016 Stash Out: 0 m
2016 Stash In: 3 m

5 thoughts on “Canada and the USA – travel wardrobe

  1. Anonymous

    You were so restrained the your fabric purchases! I love the Paisley, and your colours are fabulous. A great travel wardrobe – thank you for sharing!


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