Sewing & Stitchery Expo, Puyallup

When Mark first mentioned our ski trip to Canada he didn’t quite understand my enthusiasm as the dates worked out perfectly for me to spend the weekend at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo at Puyallup in Washington State, which I had last visited back in 2011.

 I booked myself in for 4 classes over the 2 days:

  • Best Tools & Notions of the Trade.
    I just love this sort of thing you always find out about a new notion or two.
  • The Three Crotch Figure!
    Wow this was amazing!  One of them is the one we are all familiar with but the front and back armscye are the other two.  Lorraine Henry is an amazing teacher and she spent more time with me after the class which was very generous.
  • The Sheath Dress and Upper Body Fit.
    Again a lot of information that I need to take some time to review.
  • Sheila’s Knitting Techniques and Tips.
    This was an informative class and again have quite a bit of information to review, however there were 50 attendees which was just too many.  I did submit this feedback to the event management.
This venue is huge and I did find that I needed to plot who I wanted to see to make sure that I managed it in the time frame I had.

This is late in the afternoon, and I am standing at one end of Row 4 (8 Rows in total plus some stands like Vogue Fabrics that are at the very end) with approximately 70 exhibitors.

Now for the goodies that followed me home.

Magnetic screwdrivers for your sewing machine- computer safe
2 skeins of Tiger Merino wool Fancy Image Hand-dyed Yarn
4 yards of Eggplant zipper chain with 16 pulls from
Clover Press Perfect by Joan Hawley
Kai Scissors Model 7250SE 10″/25cm Tailoring Shears
Cutting Line Designs – One Seam Pants
and My Hearts a’Flutter arrived home separately
BravoBella underwires
Lorraine Henry Measuring Made Easy
3mm masking tape

I attended the Cutting Line Designs fashion parade and have always thought this pattern line was a little bit too boxy for me.  Louise had very cleverly selected a range of models and one was a slim petite lady who looked very stylish in these designs, so I thought I would try them out.

I also purchased a 3 pack of fabric from Marcy Tilton in a dark navy colourway.

Before leaving Australia I had been in contact with PattiB from PatternReview who I had met up with previously in 2001 and we organised to meet up again this year.

Whilst Patti and I were sitting and chatting I spotted Carolyn, Dairy of a Sewing Fanatic who had told me she was attending and said she would like to catch up.

PattiB, me, Carolyn

The photo was taken by either Niema or Gaylen

Niema, Gaylen, Carolyn and I

It was a such a treat to meet them, I have followed Carolyn’s blog for many years and it felt like friends catching up, we all chatted and laughed and now I have two more blogs to follow.  Oh and you can see what Carolyn got up to here.

2016 Stash Out: 0 m
2016 Stash In: 4.5 m

5 thoughts on “Sewing & Stitchery Expo, Puyallup

  1. Thanks for the review – it looks like you had a wonderful time! Although much smaller in scale, the sew and quilt expo is coming to my neighborhood in early April, and when I saw that Lorraine was going to be doing the 3-crotches class, I signed right up. Sleeves are my nemesis! Thanks for enabling; I can't wait!


  2. Thanks for that review, Sharon! I'm so glad you had a great time – it sure looks like you did. Even though Patti lives in the general area, I haven't met her yet! It seems to me that your shopping was fairly restrained!


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