What happens when you travel

you have parcels waiting for your arrival at your accommodation!

Our first stop was at Fife, in Washington State which was 10 minutes from the Sewing & Stitchery Expo.

When we checked in the front desk has 3 parcels for me which I had ordered before leaving home and knew I would not be able to easily source them myself during my 3day stay in the USA.

Parcel No. 1
You know about the purchase of my Juki M0-1000, well I also learnt that like the Bernina oerlocker it has a number of specialty feet available.  I can purchase them here in Australia, however the cost is pretty high so for the cost of say 3 feet here, I have

but wait,

There are actually 8 feet,

  • Blind Stitch Presser Foot Part No. 40138091: (for Right Needle) for making blind hems.
  • Elasticator Elastic Metering Presser Foot Part No. 40138095: To attach elastic tape to stretch fabrics
  • Cording Presser Foot Part No. 40138099: For attaching nylon string or wire on edge of fabrics.
  • Piping Presser Foot Part No. 40138103: For sewing piping.
  • Beading Presser Foot Part No. 40138106: For attaching pearls and beading with overlock stitching,
  • Gathering Presser Foot Part No. 40138121: For gathering and sewing with differential feed
  • Universal Blind Stitch Presser Foot: For making right/left needle blind hems and flatlock.
  • Curved Beading Presser Foot: For attaching pearls, sequins and beading with overlock stitching
  • Now I need to do so some serious playing.

    Parcel No. 2
    This next parcel might seem a bit odd, but one of my Christmas presents was the Dk-93 Manual Snap Press which I just had to have after reading about it on Lena’s blog.

    So this parcel from Minkus Margo (at Etsy seller) was 2 sets of dies – a 9.5mm nipple rivet die and 9mm cap rivet die. This is the actual size of the rivets.

    Parcel No. 3
    Two pieces of 1oz HpyerD Diamond Ripstop in Moroccan Blue and Burnt Orange.

    The ripstop I purchased for my Minoru is not water proof and after reading about Morgan’s Denali Vest  over at Thread Theory I decided to place an order with Ripstop by the Roll and purchased enough of the blue for another Minoru and the burnt orange for a vest.

    Now I have them home, they are very light so my plans may change.

    I also dragged Mark along to Jo-Ann’s to have a look around and this is what followed me home

    Not my normal fabric, but a pair of Carolyn Pajamas will make me smile every time I wear them.

    Then we headed to visit family and friends in Canada, so two more Canadian suppliers packages were waiting for me.

    Parcel No. 4
    I have dabbled in bra making with a Watson and really want to make my own bras for various reasons.  I already have the three  current Beverly Johnson’s Bra Making Classes on Craftsy and had heard that her manuals were very good.

    Parcel No. 5
    I have made Mark two versions of the Strathcona Henley t-shirt by Thread Theory and Morgan had talked about this luscious Canadian-made 100% cotton interlock fabric so I thought I would purchase a kit to see what Mark’s thinks of it.

    Of course since I have returned home there were a few more packages I could have had organised but there will be a next time I’m certain.

    2016 Stash Out: 0 m
    2016 Stash In: 15 m

    9 thoughts on “What happens when you travel

    1. Anonymous

      You are so organised! we stayed in apartments where we weren't allowed to receive parcels, which was a bit boring. Love the outdoor fabric and I look forward to seeing what you think of the bra making manuals. I've got the Craftsy class but haven't done it yet.


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