Vogue 7937 navy linen skirt

is finished.

Even though I have made this skirt a number of times before, although not blogged about, I have been trying to get the skirt to sit at my waist with no luck, it keeps sitting on my hips which isn’t what I wanted.

Saran Wrap to my rescue!  Even though I have Isabel (my body double) my hip shape has been elusive when fitting my skirts. So I placed the Right Front lower half of my Saran Wrap on my pattern and look at the difference, no wonder my skirts kept sliding down to my hips.

I pinned this amount out for this skirt to make sure I hadn’t gone too far, and it worked, my skirt sat on my waist all day long, so my pattern will be adjusted permanently by this amount.

Here is the finished skirt:

Front view

See the Back Vent
Back view

A few extra details for this skirt:

  • Topstitched both sides of the front and back panels with Gutterman 310 Topstitch thread,
  • Finished the back vents with Hong Kong finishes.
  • Added black lace to the lining.
  • Added 15mm bias tape to the hem edge (now the skirt is on my waist I need to add some length to the pattern).
  • Fused a 4cm wide strip of Textureweft (pinked along the top edge) along the hem fold line to give the hem some body and a great base for doing Herringbone stitch for the hem.

This is my 5th garment for the SWAP and the 6th is giving me some challenges with the buttonhole, but soon …

9 thoughts on “Vogue 7937 navy linen skirt

  1. Lovely skirt. Isn't it amazing how a simple thing can fix fit so easily? I just added a sliver to to the crotch of my pants pattern and it makes all the difference in the world! Your SWAP is shaping up very nicely.


  2. What a well finished skirt. Well done on getting the skirt to sit where you want… and stay there. I have had similar issues in the past and its so annoying to find your skirt has worked its way around during the day and the back seam is sat on your hips.


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