SWAP Item No. 6

The navy jeans are finished.

I finally found out how to do a buttonhole on my Janome 5200 without using the buttonhole foot, it was so easy.

The next challenge was the rivets, but then Marg from Pattern Review posted about this Prym Tool and luckily one of my very good sewing buddies was in Europe and was able to find me a set, a very happy dance as this little bit of plastic makes putting the rivets in so easy. To make it even better I have found that the 624 rivets and burrs I purchased from M.Recht in Melbourne a few years ago.

The only changes this time to the white jeans I posted here is the two items above.

So here they are:


Back view and pocket design

Rivets and coin pocket

Now to work on the Minoru jacket.

15 thoughts on “SWAP Item No. 6

  1. Your jeans look great! Did you have to make many changes to your original pants sloper to arrive at a \”jeans fit\”? Or did you use a purchased pattern? Did you use denim with stretch? Can you tell I want to make a pair? Wanda in Edmonton


  2. Those jeans are absolutely fantastic. They look exactly like ready to wear (only made exactly for you obviously so fit perfectly). I've never seen ANY look as good as this. Absolutely NOT Mum style jeans that so many seem to look like (and certainly mine) when we try to sew them ourselves. Well done!


  3. Anonymous

    I obviously officially hate you for having SIX items done when I'm just starting on my first item, but I suppose it's not your fault. What nice pair of jeans! If you're like me you'll wear them all the time!ejvc from SG


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